Taking the worry out of IT

All  bases covered, below are the base products delivered to ALL clients using Deep Tech IT Solutions 

Remote Support

Fast and effective resolutions to minimize team downtime.

icon got remote support showing a cloud with a wrench floating in it

Onsite Support

When it can’t be handled remotely, we come to you!

icon of a browser window with tickets in it

Portal Access

Create, update and view your tickets.

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24/7 monitoring

We are always watching the little things, so you don’t have to.

Flexible Helpdesk

We know your team doesn’t have the time to focus on software upgrades and password resets. Our Service Desk Team can handle all levels of IT support requests for your business. You focus on high initiatives, and we’ll make sure your team has the IT support they need to focus on the tasks at hand. 

Portrait of a Thoughtful Engineer Working on Desktop Computer in a Technological Office Environment. Research and Development Department Writing Software Code for an Innovative Internet Project

Help Desk Focus

On Demand Support

Managed Services

Easy Access

Our IT portal makes submitting a ticket to the help desk a breeze. Simply go to portal.deeptechinc.com, select the issue you have, answer some questions and click submit. You can view your tickets and update the ticket via the portal.

What’s the catch?

No catch, in fact we can work to customize your portal experience to tailor to your business needs.

Procurement and Provisioning

Recruitment, hiring and retaining team members is challenging enough, so why add “IT setup & new equipment” to the list? Should you find that you are losing a team member, don’t create any unnecessary anxiety for your team. Let DeepTech handle the security and account/equipment updates for your offboardings.


During your onboarding, you will work with our Logistics team to determine your equipment needs. We will look at your current equipment, create standards for new hires, create processes for purchasing new hire needs, equipment upgrades, license renewals and miscellaneous purchases.


Also during your onboarding, you will work with our Logistics team to review your onboarding and offboarding process. We will automate what we can to ensure an efficient and seamless team transition. In addition, we offer the ability to store your equipment with DeepTech so you aren’t wasting space with a bunch of equipment that you may not know what to do with.


The final cherry on top of the procurement and provisioning process is that our logistics team will deal with the shipping and receiving. Whether it be on your own shipping account or ours, we will track the shipments and alert you as to arrivals and departures of your equipment.

Strategic Projects

Get the support you need for your strategic projects. Put the expertise of our professional services team and a nationwide network of vetted partners to work for you. Every step of the way, from project discovery to scope of work and execution, our dedicated project managers are the best partner to get the job done.

Project Types

icon for onsite projects showing a group of people before a large cog

Onsite Projects

icon showing stacks of servers and emails connected by directional arrows

Email and Data Migrations

Network Builds and Upgrades

Office Buildouts and Moves

and more…

Security & Business Continuity

You no longer have to stress about securing what is essential to your business. DeepTech ensures your team and data are secure and prepared for anything that may come your way.

Security Offerings

Awareness and Training

It may be hard to admit, but anyone can be susceptible to social engineering. Let DeepTech help train your team on what to look out for and what to flag to keep your information safe and secure.

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Backups and Encryption

Backups are the last line of defense against attackers. When was the last time you tested your backup solution?

icon for compliance showing a magnifying glass examining some computers


Providing remediation and security hardening through audits (HIPAA, ISO, SOC2, PCI, HITRUST, etc.) from our partners or yours.

Malware Protection

The average data breach costs $3.8M, caused primarily by Malicious software, including viruses, adware, spyware, browser hijacking software, etc. Let's prevent them from being activated.


No need to hire a team to monitor your network 24/7. DeepTech partners with world-class Security providers to ensure your computers are monitored and protected.

icon for authentication showing multiple devices sharing a password

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Passwords alone no longer cut it. Over 1 Million passwords are stolen a week, and hacking is becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Enhance your security by requiring your team to identify themselves by more than a username and password.

icon showing two puzzle pieces contains ones and zeros

Patch Management

Ensure your workstations and network are as up-to-date as possible to prevent attackers from exploiting known vulnerabilities.

Calm woman relaxing meditating with laptop

Never skip a beat

Strong business continuity saves money, time, and company reputation. Businesses that experience an extended outage risk financial, personal, and reputational loss.

Don’t cry over spilled milk

Accidents happen, even milk on a keyboard, luckily, quick restores can save the day. Keeping a current backup copy allows your data to be restored from an earlier point in time to help your business recover from an unplanned event.

  • Loss or corruption
  • Accidental deletions
  • Lost or stolen devices
  • Broken devices
  • Corrupted data
  • Human error
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Like a scout, be prepared

Unfortunately, not all disasters are preventable but you can prepare! We create a custom disaster recovery plan to help your business to avoid catastrophic data loss. By outlining strict regiments for your backup and data recovery, the disaster recovery plan ensures that your data isn’t only safe from an attack or outage and handled securely.

Additional Services

App, Cloud & Device Management

Centrally managing all of your software and hardware to ensure your team doesn’t waste productivity on asking for permissions.

Virtual CIO

Building towards your vision requires an expert.

Going above and beyond the function of being a trusted adviser and understanding the technical risk and business impact decisions can make.

Our strategy combines budgeting and planning techniques to recommend solutions while leveraging technical alignment for greater control over your scalability.

Application Management

Each organization uses software in unique ways. We work with you to identify your needs and ensure each application is replaced at a global and workstation level to meet your business goals.

Compliance Consulting

Assess, Review, and Remediate Compliance auditing helps us identify weaknesses in regulatory compliance processes and create paths for improvement. In some cases, guidance provided by a compliance audit can help reduce risk and avoid potential legal trouble or federal fines for noncompliance.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Enforcing security controls that meet your organization’s compliance prevents data loss, theft, and malware from affecting your business.