You no longer have to stress about securing what is essential to your business. Prevent harm and foul play with the protection your hybrid team needs at the device, app, and network level.
Phishing prevention

Security Awareness and Training

Unfortunately, team members are a company's weakest point regarding security. DeepTech will find who is susceptible to phishing and automatically assign them the training they need to be able to identify and delete malicious emails.
Threat protection

Detect and Response

No need to hire a team to monitor your network 24/7. DeepTech partners with world-class Security providers to ensure your computers are monitored and protected.
Multi-factor authentication (mfa)

Passwords alone no longer cut it.

Over 1 Million passwords are stolen a week, and hacking is becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Enhance your security by requiring your team to identify themselves by more than a username and password.
protection offerings

Prevent the preventable.

The amount and severity of large-scale breaches keep going up. Data breaches expose sensitive information, causing identity theft, ruining companies' reputations, and creating liability and compliance violations that a business could often prevent.

"DeepTech’s technological expertise has been instrumental in the gallery's day-to-day operations, from our ability to conduct business remotely, digital management, and cybersecurity needs to storing decades worth of data. We look forward to continuing to work with them as our business expands.”

Robert Spring
Manager, Sean Kelly Gallery

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