We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.

DeepTech recognizes that every organization is unique. We measure client satisfaction by our long-standing relationships; no matter the team size, we are their partners.

What sets us apart is our approach

We Listen

We Assess

We Plan

We Execute

We Communicate

DeepTech Goals & Values


  1. Perform Full assessment of client infrastructure by management.
  2. Provide dedicated support by an experienced and knowledgeable team.
  3. Monitor clients systems to prevent IT failures.
  4. Create an active and dynamic partnership with our clients, to ensure goals are reflective of current IT needs.



Our relationships with some clients have spanned two decades as they know they can count on DeepTech to offer the service they need.


We strive to cultivate positive brand recognition by focusing on customer service and attracting top-tier employees. Team members join us with a commitment to service, backed by deep knowledge.


Our responsibility is to ensure our clients data is safe, secure and their technology needs are handled in an efficient an empathetic manner.


By having a team with diverse backgrounds and technical proficiencies we can support a wide array of clients needs.

We come equipped with over 22 years of intimate knowledge of business technology, so our team can support all initiatives you depend on us for. Our team knows the fundamentals while constantly looking to the future, so they have a solid base to help guide you through the continually evolving landscape of technology.

Platforms & Teams

Supporting both Mac and Windows environments comes with its perks, but we do not know everything individually. That is why we have a team of experts that support the many apps running your business. When you call DeepTech, you get our full attention, whether human or canine.

Custom IT

Taking the time to get to know you and your business is the first step to a strong partnership. We want to know your ins andouts, pain points, and satisfaction areas. The best relationship involve communication and trust. By customizing the support our clients need, we establish a base of communication, creating a partnership of trust and respect.

Client Onboarding Process

DeepTech will do a deep dive on your business. We will look at your infrastructure, individual workstations, and peripherals so we can make informed recommendations. The complete assessments allows us to create a custom scope of work that allows us to provide tailored support with backed by best practices. After analyzing the DNA of your business, our team shifts its focus to creating a scalable and dynamic solution for managing your technologies.

Day-to-Day Support

Device Management

Network and Server Management

Procurement and Provisioning

Security and Business Continuity

The Onboarding Journey

Shall We Meet?

We meet to get to understand what you are looking for and if we are a right fit.

A Modest Proposal

We craft a proposal based off the meeting to craft a tailored IT solution for your company.

Sign, Seal, Deliver

Once the proposal is signed we start the process of entering you into our systems, setting up the accounting and picking your onboarding team. We craft a proposal based off the meeting to craft a tailored IT solution for your company.


We send you are welcome packet with information about how to contact us, our asset management and patching and our services offered that you can review and reference and share with your team.

Call Me

Next step is to schedule our kick off calls. We will schedule a few depending onneeds to make sure everyone is informed and on the same page.

Backend Stuff

From the calls is when we the real work starts…for us. We audit your environment, install agents, build out any additional services, get you set up inour client portal and ensure we either get a proper hand-off from your current provider or that

Client Feedback

10/10 Would recommend!!

Global Client regarding our Purchasing & Provisioning solution

I just wanted to thank you for your help with my dad. I really appreciate it very much!

Small business owner

The tech did an excellent job, thank you for sending him and send him again if I ever need anything!

Large non-profit client

Just wanted to pass along (not that you don’t know) that your tech was beyond wonderful It was so great to finally meet him in person — he was so helpful — he also helped me with some password things too, which I use ALL THE TIME now — so if you could just pass along to him that I thank him again and so appreciate everything he did to help, that would be great. You guys are awesome.

Individual client

The tech was patient, kind, helpful and went above and beyond to find a solution.

Client since 2016

Thank you for trying and trying again and succeeding!!

CFO of large company