About Us

About Us


Ann Cloyd

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ann has cultivated a team of top technicians, created lasting client relationships, and curated a vision for the company's future. With over two decades under her belt and over 200 clients, she leads a successful MSP in one of the biggest cities in the world.

"I wake up every day driven to serve those who make it possible for DeepTech to exist, and to me, the most important value is RESPONSIBILITY because of what it means and to who. For our clients, it means peace of mind that our services are best in class and executed, so they don't even have to think about it. For our team, it means ensuring a safe, stable, and healthy workplace. For our community, it means providing our time to help the nonprofits that need it the most."

Our approach

We Are Results Driven

We look at all parts of your company, exploring connections and workflows so we can recommend the best way to manage your IT needs.

Paul is on a boat.
The human TOUCH

What's our secret? Great people.

Our team is the difference maker. Besides generating ideas, solving problems, and making decisions, they educate everyone by sharing daily learnings that improve our company. They are the reason we exist and can take our customer values and transform our company to serve better the clients who depend on us.

Our values


We're direct with our clients by sharing performance, internal processes, sourcing, straightforward pricing, and our business values.


Our relationships with some clients have spanned two decades as they know they can count on DeepTech to offer the service they need.


Our thorough hiring process ensures we don’t just hire anyone. Team members join us with a commitment to service, backed by deep knowledge.


We aim to cultivate positive brand recognition by focusing on customer loyalty and attracting top-tier team members.


With new markets and industry conditions constantly changing, we take advantage of new opportunities and address emerging challenges for business continuity.


Our team consists of independent and strong critical thinkers who collaborate with colleagues to offer our clients the best service.

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We're just built differently.

DeepTech, your IT solutions partner, is redefining how IT is managed by exceeding the level of service that companies have come to expect from traditional MSPs and In-House IT staff.


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DeepTech's Rich History


Maybe something exciting is in the works 🙂

August 2021

Moved to our new headquarters.

November 2020

We officially signed our 200th active client.

October 2020

Finalized the acquisition of PCS IT Company (2nd acquisition).

December 2015

Finalized the acquisition of somethingdigital.com’s IT support business.

September 2014

We officially signed our 100th active client.

March 2010

Signed our first commercial space and moved into our HQ.

July 2000

Ann Cloyd and Craig Waldman officially incorporated DeepTech, Inc., the start of something special!

December 1997

Signed our first client to a consulting deal, testing the waters to see if this would be a viable business.

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